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The Lake Country Open Mic Has Talent!
The Lake Country Open Mic that generated our contest has always provided an opportunity for musicians to perform in a welcoming environment.  Every style of music has been touched upon during the Open Mic nights.  Musicians cover popular songs as well as original creations. The Lake Country Open Mic Has Talent! contest was designed to spotlight an original singer/songwriter and give them an opportunity to record a song, and perform at venues and events throughout the Okanagan.

This year, we have taken the competition to the next level by partnering with The LegionHQ - a group in local music and industry personnel with one purpose: to promote the growth of musical creation and industry in the Okanagan. This partnership has helped to swell our prize collection and put us in the position to help not only one winner, but many. For more contest details check out the "Overview" tab.
Thank you to the Lake Country Coffee House for hosting the Open Mic Nights and the Lake Country Open Mic Has Talent!

Thank you to the Lake Country Society of Arts & Cultural Events for sponsoring the competition this year

Thank you to the LEGIONHQ and Creative Okanagan for your support this year
Congratulations to Michael Huber for winning our Performance Package!

Congratulations to Briggitta Davidson & Kennedy Fung for winning our Branding Package!

Congratulations to Shaedan Hawse for winning our Booster Package!
Michael Huber
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