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2012 Open Mic Recap
We had tremendous support during our first year of the contest with 25 participants performing over the course of the contest period. 

With the completion of a successful year such as this the judging for our winner was tough, but in the end a winner was declared,
Becca Mabbet along with our runners up 2Step Closer.
Becca Mabbett, winner of the "Lake Country Open Mic Has Talent" Contest;

It was in the heart of the Okanagan that Becca Mabbett found opportunity to grow as an artist and musician, developing into the performer she is today. Her music pulls from an eclectic environment that exposed her to gospel, jazz, folk, acoustic and so much more. She has a little something for everyone as she sings stories, love songs, addresses some of life’s harder issues, and gets toes tapping.

Becca developed an interest for music at a young age and began
2Step Closer, Contest Runner-Up;

A dynamic duo that was created in early September 2010. With its unique blend of taste and style, Abby Gregori and Dan Marcelino have collaborated to make a genre all their own.

In September of 2011 they won first place at the Astral Media - IPE Youth Talent Competition.

They are currently working on their full length album and always hope to move people with their unique harmonies that create a warming atmosphere.

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song writing at 12 years old. By 14 she was traveling across the country to open for Brian Doerksen. At 15 she wrote, performed, and produced her first album entitled “Worldly Daze”. All of this gave her a platform to begin sharing stages with other artists such as Greg Sczebel, Amanda Falk, Starfield, Corey Doak, Ari Neufeld, Ryan Donn, Jaylene Johnson, and many more. After high school she journeyed out to the prairies to study and complete her BA in Music at Briercrest College. Finally back to the Okanagan, she now resides in Kelowna.
2013 Open Mic Recap
The Top 5 performers for the Lake Country Open Mic Has Talent competition included Justin Dueck, Luke Atherton, Rigel Seedhouse, Timely Wonders, and Jeff Kouwenhoven.  Their performances on June 5th were outstanding and the judges had a tough time choosing which two performers would go away with the prizes offered this year.  Thank you to all of the performers who entertained us at our March, April, and May Open Mic nights.  The talent was simply exceptional and has been celebrated throughout this competition.  Thank you to everyone who came out to support our musicians!  As well, a special thank you goes out to all of our judges including Kathy Scott, Neil Macritchie, Louise Boisvert, Grant Lawrence, and special guest judge, Alexandria Colter.  A huge thank you to our beloved owners of the Lake Country Coffee House, Carol and Sean Sproule, for always providing a welcoming and beautiful venue to showcase our local talent.  Our regular Open Mic nights will continue throughout the summer on the first Wednesday of every month and so please stop by on July 3rd!
Jeff Kouwenhoven was born in Surrey B.C., and grew up in Fort St. John B.C. From a young age he enjoyed music, either dancing or singing or both to a variety of genres. When his brother picked up a guitar and started a band with some friends, Jeff, always looking up to his brother, was inspired to play the guitar. From age 12, Jeff began a dedicated journey of picking up the guitar and doing his best to strum out a song or two, but when he was 14, he got more serious. Starting to write his own songs and also a band he'd practice every moment he could. The band played at their Jr. Highschool, a local festival (Canola Fest) and he started playing solo gigs at coffee shops about once a month. He continued to play in his Highschool battle of the bands until he graduated and continued with the Canola Festival and local coffee shop gigs. This all stopped when Jeff flew to Australia in the December of 2007 and stayed for four years. He was heavily involved in music there and lead music groups for churches and school liturgies. He also found opportunities to busk on street corners as well as pub open-mics. He also found himself as a
From an early age Justin has had a musical ear, though it wasn’t until his college year that he discovered how music truly resonated with him. Dancing to the beat of a different drum, Justin would often find himself alone trying to figure out the world around him, frustrated that he didn’t have a place to contribute his creativity. It wasn’t until his college year that he discovered his ability to learn to play the guitar. Anxious to relay his thoughts to paper he began writing. Even in his songs infancy it was apparent that his heart resonated with song writing.   Coming so naturally, it was difficult to ignore, so he embraced it.  Scribbling his aspirations, frustrations and dreams onto an old note pad somehow eased this burden called “life”. Suddenly he felt that he had meaning.
"It's a TIE!  Congratulations to Justin Dueck and Jeff Kouwenhoven!" Our 2013 Lake Country Open Mic Has Talent Contest Winners!
Justin Dueck, Co-Winner 2013 Lake Country Open Mic Has Talent Contest
Jeff Kouwenhoven, Co-Winner 2013 Lake Country Open Mic Has Talent Contest
feature artist in a newspaper playing for a homeless shelter fundraiser. Over the past 4 years Jeff has been recording his original music and writing new music, anything from punk-rock to folk to alternative and a mash of whatever he's inspired by.

Phone: 250-300-0397
Lake Country Open Mic Has Talent - Contest Details
Announcing the WINNER of the third annual Lake Country Open Mic Has Talent 2014 Singer-Songwriter Competition... Congratulations goes out to AARON GORDON who won recording studio time AND multiple performance spots!!!
“A widely diversified and eclectic evening of music that I am overjoyed to have been a part of, and to continue to support.”
2014 OpenMic Recap
Lake Country Open Mic Has Talent - Contest Details
Announcing the WINNER of the 2015 Lake Country Open Mic Has Talent
Singer-Songwriter Competition...
Congratulations goes out to JORDAN DEAN !!!!!
2015 OpenMic Recap
2016 Open Mic Recap
Something to contribute. So for the last 10 years Justin has been eagerly pushing himself to become a skilled guitar player, vocalist and song writer.

Contact: Justin Dueck
Phone: 250-317-8095
Lake Country Open Mic Has Talent - Contest Details
Thank you to the Lake Country Coffee House for hosting the Open Mic Nights and the Lake Country Open Mic Has Talent!

Thank you to the Lake Country Society of Arts & Cultural Events for sponsoring the competition this year

Thank you to the LEGIONHQ and Creative Okanagan for your support this year
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